Land Access Workshop Series

Sundays, September 18, September 25, October 9, October 16 

11 a.m.-2 p.m.

The Land Access Workshop series supports equitable land access for beginning growers, farmers and land stewards. This four-part series provides practical tools, information, and guidance in the planning process for finding and acquiring land, and prioritizes reducing barriers for farmers who face systematic discrimanation. 

The current state of land ownership and inaccessibility is woven from the threads of land theft, exploitation, and degradation of land through colonialism and capitalism. These forces have negatively impacted the health of communities and ecosystems. Responding to these forces requires a collective approach rooted in reparations and land reclamations, and needs to be supported at the individual and institutional level through policy and systematic changes. This workshop series is just one piece of a larger, grassroots movement. 

Co-hosted by OEFFA and Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice, this four-part series will offer on-the-ground approaches to finding and financing land, leasing and purchasing land, and assessing land. Participants will clarify their personal and business goals, assess their financial position and learn what resources are available to find and finance land. The four workshops are intended as a series, but can be taken as standalone. Participants will have pre-work assigned before each workshop to help prepare them to develop their land access plan. 

Details: The first three workshops locations are TBA. The last workshop will be held in person at the barn at Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice

Cost and Registration: $25 per workshop, $100 for all four. All proceeds from registration for this event will go directly to the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO). Visit to learn more about NAICCO’s work and mission.

For more information, contact Lainie Rini at (614) 421-2022 or email 

Registration for this event will open in Summer 2022. To receive a notification when registration opens, please add your name and email to the wait list below.

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