Certified Intern Host Farm Program

OEFFA supports the education and training of beginning farmers by connecting potential farm interns with experienced, engaging host farmers. Host farms participating in OEFFA’s Seasonal Farm Jobs program who wish to be designated as Certified Intern Host Farm commit to further their own development as farmer educators and help interns build their skills.

OEFFA will prioritize Certified Intern Host Farms in the Seasonal Farm Jobs listings to help farmers attract more committed workers and support the host farmer / intern relationship through technical assistance and education.

The new Certified Intern Host Farm process is being piloted for the 2020 growing season.

How To Become Certified:

  1. Submit a Seasonal Farm Jobs listing.
  2. Select at least three resources from the Certified Intern Host Farm Self Study page to read and review.
  3. Complete the Self-Study Reflection and Commitments Agreement.
  4. Earn designation as a Certified Intern Host Farm on the OEFFA Seasonal Farm Jobs site and a scholarship to OEFFA’s annual conference (scholarship limited to the first six certified intern host farms per year).

The Self-Study Reflection and Commitments Agreement must be submitted each year to maintain certification. Certified Intern Host Farms are encouraged to share useful resources with the Begin Farming Program Coordinator and/or help develop new resources if they are needed.

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